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Uses for the Sounds of Nature

The sounds of nature are not merely a byproduct of the living things around us. They can serve many different purposes. As we begin to see how noises in the natural world function, we begin to realize how fascinating the earth really is.

Following are different ways that the sounds of nature function:


Animals of all sorts use noises to communicate. They seem to have their own languages. The sounds of nature include a biological dialogue between animals.

Communication comes in an array of forms. An animal, bird or even fish may use sounds to convey messages to another. Each of these noises has a specific meaning, though humans may not know what they mean.


The sounds of nature can serve as warnings between creatures. These warnings include alerting fellow species of potential dangers. They can also serve to protect. Some creatures use their sounds to scare away some predators.

Self-preservation and the preservation of the species is an integral function of the sounds of nature. While this is a necessity for the survival of the species, these noises have a lot to offer humans.

Humans and Nature Sounds

People benefit from the things that they hear. Nature provides a plethora of magnificent sounds that are of great use. Following are some ways the noises found in natural settings can benefit people:

• The sounds of nature can be frightening for good reason. People can take warning from a roar of a lion. They can be taken back by the subtle growl of an angry dog. Some nature sounds help humans protect themselves by giving them fair warning.

• Outdoor noises serve to warn humans of dangerous weather. The rumbling of thunder alerts us to take shelter. Its loud crashes provide strong warning of lightning nearby.

• Nature sounds are wonderful auditory maps. The sound of a moving stream can help people guide themselves in the right direction.

• The sounds of nature are ideal for relaxation. Taking a little time to listen to a waterfall or the haunting whale’s cry can do wonders. These tranquil sounds are so appealing that many people listen to them in their home.

Noises can function in a number of ways. Sometimes they are simply vehicles for pure relaxation and enjoyment.

The world around us has so much to offer. There are many stunning sights to see and so much to hear. The next time you are outside, take a moment to stop and listen to the sounds of nature. This is a wonderful way to connect with the natural world around you.

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