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Nature Scenery: A Source of Inspiration

Environmental awareness begins with the mind. We are greatly influenced by the way we see the world around us. Our perceptions serve to build our vision of the environment. Using nature scenery as a source of inspiration is a wonderful approach to developing a new awareness of our surroundings.

Nature is inherently inspiring. Consider the grand landscapes and magnificent sunsets. Flowers, plants, animals and countless other living things offer beauty and elegance in each corner of the world.

The focus of this article is how to become inspired through nature scenery. Following are some great ideas to give you a new perspective:

Nature Scenery as Art

Anyone who has ever seen to landscape paintings knows that the natural word is a wonderful source of inspiration. These images capture fleeting moments in an artistic venue.

Look to the sky. No two sunsets are exactly alike. The clouds will never form the same exact pattern in the air. The stars move throughout the year and the shadows of the moon play tricks on the eye.

The sky is a canvas for the mind. It represents nature scenery at its most glorious and at its most mysterious. The heavens seem designed to evoke imagination and thought.

Consider the wonders of water. Nature scenery that includes bodies of water offers movement and life. Water is a life-sustaining source for many creatures. It can also hydrate the imagination.

This natural element is mesmerizing in a couple ways. The sight of water can be overwhelming considering the vast oceans. Breathtaking waterfalls and even the smallest stream give rise to inspiration.

Various landscapes in scenes of nature offer texture, color and interest. There are countless plants, minerals, rocks and flowers peppered throughout many scenes. Some landscape nature scenery is quite serene and simple.

Using the Inspiration

How do we effectively use the inspiration we get from nature scenery? There are plenty of options to consider.

• Nature scenery inspires great artwork. Simply looking at paintings, drawings and other works of art inspired by nature heightens awareness of our environment.

• Color is all-important in natural settings and you can bring these colors into your life. Try wearing earthy tones. Incorporate deep blues reminiscent of the ocean in your style. There are countless options.

• Use natural elements in your interior design. This brings the environment to your indoor setting.

• Write. Scenes from nature can inspire stories and poems. Imagine what happens in the natural setting. Create images of the place in words.

Issues concerning the environment do not need to be sources of stress. Some issues can help us become aware of our surroundings. Nature scenery is a perfect example.


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