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Nature Conservancy: The Power of Wind

Nature conservancy does not have to be at odds with 21st century development. There are lots of creative ways to conserve nature so that we, and our children, can live in a beautiful and healthy world while at the same time furthering our economic goals.

Renewable Energy

The development, sustainability and distribution of renewable energy can both protect the environment and help our society develop in the 21st century. Renewable energy is the energy that comes from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, water and heat. It is renewable because it is naturally replenished as compared to the energy that we get from oil and coal which is believed to have a finite amount. So, it is thought that if we can harvest energy from the natural sources that it will create jobs in that industry, allow us to continue our energy dependent lifestyles and fulfill the goal of nature conservancy, all at the same time.

Wind Power

Let’s consider, for example, the case of wind power. It is currently estimated that wind power contributes about 1 percent of total worldwide power. However, that number has been dramatically increasing since 2000. Further, some developed countries such as Denmark, use wind power for significantly more of their energy needs. It is estimated that 19 percent of Denmark’s energy needs are currently met by wind power.

Wind power is important to nature conservancy. It is a renewable resource that provides electricity in a clean way. Wind power works when large wind farms are created and connected to electrical grids. It is a suitable substitute for fossil fuel in the creation of electricity and, when you turn the lights on in your home or sit down to watch TV at night, you will not notice a difference in how the electricity got to your home.

However, many people object to the creation of the wind farms near their property. While there is a certain “not in my backyard” feeling about wind farms, it is something that needs to be seriously addressed. Wind farms consist mostly of a great many windmills. Windmills are certainly preferable to look at when compared to the soot and pollution caused by fossil fuels. They also do not have a negative effect on the environment and will contribute to nature conservancy so that we, and future generations, can enjoy the animals, plants and fresh air.

It is important to remember that, while wind power is powerful, there is no one change that is going to promote nature conservancy while maintaining our energy dependent lifestyle. All renewable resources should be investigated and used to their fullest potential so that future generations can enjoy all of the beauty and health benefits that nature has to offer.

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