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Creativity and the Nature of Science

Science is commonly associated with logic and systematic methodology. However, there is much creativity and art in the very nature of science. This subject is one that has much to offer even in the realm of artistry.

Of course, science in its very nature is quite logical. It has very strict rules and regulations. The fundamental elements of this field include organization, consistency and exactness.

Measurements, experiments, timing and trials work together in this realm. Testing is the very core of the nature of science. Each test is systematic, measured and balanced. Otherwise, it does the scientist no good.

Creativity is necessary when working in the field of science. The nature of science yields to the imagination. A scientist creates a hypothesis and develops an experiment to test the theory.

Creating a hypothesis is a creative endeavor that requires some insight and creativity. It also requires imagination as well. The development of a viable scientific theory is an art in itself.

Communication is another factor that is an integral part of the nature of science. The scientist uses specific modes of communication he designs to help him convey even the most complex concepts. In essence, he is telling a story.

The story told by many scientists does not always use words. There are formulas and codes that communicate the tale for him. It took great skill and loads of creativity to produce these modes of communication.

Images are abundant in the nature of science. Whether the scientist is looking through a microscope or simply gazing out into the wilderness, the art of science has many glorious pictures to share.

Logic balanced with creative forces is the ideal for scientific experiments. There has to be an element of creativity in such an endeavor. The creation of a new idea is creativity in its characteristics.

Scientific theory does not simply jump out of the air. The mind creates an idea. The scientific method uses rules of the universe and a systematic approach to determine if the theory is valid.

In order to understand the creative nature of science, it helps to recognize the nature of art. An artist has an image in his mind, comparable to an idea or theory. He uses a systematic approach to move the image in the mind to the medium he is using.

The creative process begins with a thought, whether it deals with art or the sciences. Logic and scientific method rely on creativity in many ways. The artistic nature of science is a very important aspect of understanding the world around us.



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