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A Freak of Nature

What exactly is a freak of nature? Is it just a figure of speech – something that teenagers say about one another in the high school hallway or do freaks of nature really exist? The dictionary defines a freak of nature as a thing or occurrence that is unusual, irregular or abnormal.

Can a Person Be a Freak of Nature?

By the dictionary definition everyone that is born with a disability, a deformity or another marked difference from the norm in his or her society would be a freak of nature. Historically, people may have believed that. They believed that a woman born with a hormone irregularity that allowed her to become the bearded woman in the circus was a freak of nature. Hunchbacks such as Quasimodo may have also been considered freaks of nature.

Today, however, we know differently. We understand that everyone is born with different characteristics and as a society we are making great strides in accepting people for those differences. People with physical and mental disabilities are increasingly educated within our mainstream public school classrooms. Our children are taught to respect those with physical abnormalities and not to treat them differently than other people.

Can Storms, Plants and Animals be Freaks of Nature?

The short answer is yes. Anything, such as a weather event, a plant or an animal that occurs in nature and is significantly different than the norm can be considered a freak of nature. For example, if the average summer thunderstorm lasts for 30 minutes then a storm that lasts 2 hours and one that lasts 5 minutes may both be considered freaks of nature.

The term freak of nature is sometimes also used to refer to that which is otherwise unexplainable. For example, imagine that a flower blooms in an as of yet unidentified color and that plant supersedes all expectations for how a plant would do in its environment. It flourishes and lasts longer than any other plant in its species. These are good qualities but the different color and resulting characteristics are unable to be explained by scientists. Despite its positive impact, people may refer to it as a freak of nature.

Is There Really Such a Thing?

Do freaks of nature really exist? Some would argue that they do not because every living thing from a human being to a plant has variations from what is considered normal. Just like snowflakes, there are no two living creatures that are exactly alike. Therefore, it seems unfair to label some people as freaks of nature due simply to their inherent differences. Perhaps a better term would be a celebration of nature.

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